Cultiv8tor is a holistic shared workplace solution incorporating coworking, childcare and co-learning under one roof, in an affordable pay-as-you go flexible model.

We believe that mobile workers with children need flexible and beautiful spaces; but they also need communities of like-minded, hard-working entrepreneurs who can share advice and expertise to enhance business growth and opportunities. Cultiv8tor fills that gap!

Our Founders

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 3.28.45 PM As part of the CIVIC Action DiverseCity Fellowship program, founders Ali Taiyeb & Towa Beer paired together to develop a project that would create change in Toronto for youth and entrepreneurs. After decades in the entertainment industry, Towa recognized that due to the lack of affordable childcare, other single parents, artists and creatives lacked access to professional development opportunities. Out of this need, Cultiv8tor was born. A mom, avid cyclist and former rugby player, Towa lives in Toronto’s artistic west end.

As the Co-Founder of, Ali is familiar with creating change, envisioning Cultiv8tor as an opportunity to make technology more accessible in order to affect high levels of youth unemployment. As the son of a Montessori teacher, he is also passionate about the issues faced by newcomers who want to start a business and looks forward to creating more connections for members of Cultiv8tor to advance the entire family. Food lover and digital lifestyle geek, Ali plays a mean bass guitar.

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