Since 2002 the number of freelance workers in Canada has risen by over 45% 1 whilst families in Toronto pay the most for childcare in Canada at $1,676 per month for one infant.

Many of these individuals are also ethnically diverse newcomers, and the vast majority work alone in coffee shops outside a strong social network. Freelancing is now the new normal.

This is my story. A single Mom who built a career producing events and raising funds for charities like Heart & Stroke Foundation and Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation – all with a child in tow. Educated in Canada, I have made monumental compromises with my passion and career to earn an income for my family.

With the steep costs of childcare, I had little access to mentors or career development workshops; effectively barring me from accessing Ontario’s abundant resources. Researching this social enterprise, I visited many coworking spaces never seeing any reflections of myself.

My Civic Action fellow, Ali Taiyeb, and I decided to remove the barriers to access, and Cultiv8tor was born.

Towa Beer

Co-Founder and Mom