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Coworking Directories

  • Alcubic – A site where you can find or advertise shared workspaces or coworking centers.
  • BuscoEspacio – Find Coworking spaces, shared, or private offices and meeting rooms in Argentina.
  • Coworking France – Find Coworking place in France but also news, events and resources for coworkers 
  • Space Directory on
  • Copass – first global federation of collaborative spaces
  • Coworking Belgium – the website of the Belgian Coworking Week and Unconference among other goodness.
  • CoworkingCanada – the definitive list of genuine coworking spaces in Canada
  • CoworkingDesign – a collection of Coworking Spaces from all around the world focusing on design. 
  • – a user dynamic map of coworking options in the Philippines, including genuine coworking spaces such as A Space Manila plus alternatives like cafés.
  • CoWork.Work – a curated directory of coworking, incubator, and maker spaces from non-profit SunDown Group.
  • Coworking Spain. A directory of Coworking Spaces in Spain.
  • Cowork Unite – The Coworking Network.  Add your space, members, events and jobs.
  • Deskovery – Is a marketplace to connect people with coworking spaces, shared, private and home offices.
  • DeskHero – DeskHero is a commission free service connecting empty desks with individuals in need of a professional environment.
  • desk surfing – Find your favourite workspot. And change it whenever the surf feels right.
  • Desktime – Is a coworking directory that helps pair people with workspaces, and space owners with renters.
  • DeskZone – makes it easy to share your unused office space. We also automate the process of finding sublease and shared office space in NYC.
  • Espace Coworking – A directory / map of all the coworking spaces in France.
  • eWorky – a tool that enables you to find and book your workplace / coworking.
  • GoodCoworking – the social coworking directory with more than 300 cities worldwide.
  • LiquidSpace – Mobile & online app to search, compare and book great spaces to meet & work in real-time.
  • Neo-Nomade – Coworking Spaces and other places to work in France.
  • PivotDesk –  We’re helping startups that need space, find host companies that have space.
  • ShareYourOffice A website to offer or find shared office spaces around the world.
  • SharedDesks, The Coworking Finder – A new way of representing coworking and coworkers, worldwide…an idea growing from June 2009. (online since 2011)
  • Coworking Brasil –  A website to find a coworking spaces in Brazil.
  • Work World Space (aka WWS) – A free coworking directory where you can list your space with some images and accept bookings.
  • CoworkingHongKong – A directory for finding coworking space in Hong Kong!
  • Worksnug – A global directory of places to work.
  • Localescoworking – A directory of Coworking Spaces.
  • Coworking.Coffee – The best workplaces with coffee and wifi, curated by the community, all around the world.
  • Global Coworking Map – Take a look in the coworking distribuition around the world
  • A Global Coworking search service for remote workers who want to work in exciting places around the globe.

Coworking Blogs & Media Coverage

Associations, Collectives, Groups

Coworking Tools

  • townsquare – Curator focused community management tool. Manages member applications/ payments, promotes members/ projects, and connects with other communities.
  • 1work – Book meeting rooms online (free to use)
  • – Web app manages incoming/outgoing paper mail, and generates dedicated phone numbers to resident and external members.
  • Coworking Visa – Review which spaces around the world that offer use to visiting from other participating spaces (normally just daily drop in)
  • Coworking Visa Map – a visual map to show all coworking visa spaces around the world (embedable code for your own website)
  • Coworkify – Coworking management software.
  • Cobot – Software to manage your coworking space.
  • Copass – Platform to easy manage nomads and flexible users all around the world
  • Comingle – The free, proximity based network designed to make coworking more collaborative 
  • Cowoop – Hosted Open source service to manage your coworking space. Aims to be cost effective.
  • Coworking Management System – Managing hotdesking, meeting room rentals. (free to use)
  • Cowork Unite – Manage your space, members, events and jobs on one easy to use platform.
  • CoLearn– We help coworking space owners make extra revenue with our classes, and social experiences
  • Nexudus Spaces – Software to manage your coworking space.
  • Nadine – Open Coworking Software.
  • Dovetail – Member management and community engagement application for coworking spaces. Less time with data. More time with people.
  • ezeep Cloud Print Management – Cloud-based print management software for coworking spaces to manage printing, users and printers, reporting, print drivers, payment and more
  • Zelmar Consulting – Zelmar gives advice to new and established shared workspaces in areas of operations, set up, expansion and revenue optimization
  • Coworking Stats – Check stats and charts about coworking in real time.

Coworking Conferences

Other Coworking Resources